Are the Police in the USA a bunch of cowards?


Every day in the life of a person things may not go right and many a times the person may think that they are at their lowest but they haven’t quite experienced a tragedy such as the victims of the attacks by the police. The tragic shooting in America from the hands of the law are some of the most devastating news and events that have shocked not only the nation nut also the world. Terrorist shooting and attacks are something that has taken place by the enemies of the nation but to be attacked by the protectors is something that raises a lot of concern. The police forces are given the power of controlling the law and to protect the citizens but in the recent light of situations we see a different phase of this. The police force has to be put to check and understand the value of life of every person in the nation.

The shootings have been seen to target the coloured race which can mostly be the result of a prejudice that the blacks or any coloured person pose a threat to the law and order of the country. These events have started two major topics to be spoken about: firstly, the value of black lives vs white lives and secondly, the misuse of power given to the police department. A threat that was supposedly eradicated decades ago seems to still live in the minds of people that had caused this horrible attack.

The police have a duty to protect the law and put criminals to their fate but that does not mean accusation of the coloured lives for such activities. A person can be black and be innocent and be following the law but the eyes of the police and other powerful bodies need to open their minds to realise this. Racism and power are not two things that go well together. It is an act melancholy to watch such things exist in the society till this date. The people have started moving forward and realising the mistake of the officials and it is time that people with narrow minds to open up and except the reality of the world of diversity. The lives of victims and their families will forever be remembered and respected for showing the world of the existing reality of the society and the actions to take a stand and solve this problem.


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