Basketball Fan? You MUST Know this Legend!

If you’re a fan of basketball and you’ve followed the NBA for a long time, you’ll know that one of the big highlight reel dunkers of all time was Vincent Carter, a name that echo’s through the basketball hall of fame.

Carter has played for six different teams in the NBA but none so memorable than his initial 6-year stay with the Toronto Raptors. “Vinsanity” was his nickname because his dunks were out of this world and truly insane. He now plays for the Memphis Grizzlies who are part of the South-Western Conference in the NBA. Carter is also an 8-time NBA All Star holder, and in 2011 scored his 20,000th point, only the 37th NBA player to do so. Carter can play both shooting guard as well as small forward. At the end of this year’s season he won NBA Teammate of the Year.

Carter is not only a talented basketball player but also a talented musician and was a very good student in high school and through college. Carter has often said that his mother was a big influence of him and the reason for his success. Carter was offered two kinds of scholarships, one for music and one for basketball. We’re glad he chose the latter.

Vince Carter, now 39 and playing for Memphis is a testament to the solution of aging superstars or former superstars who get flustered when there is change and cannot accept a lesser role but Vince Carter has very gracefully accepted this change. He still goes for those insane dunks once in a while and moreover helps his teammates and is a big advantage on the defensive end. You know what they say, ‘The best offense is great defense’.

Vince Carter, in his day was one the most electrifying player in the NBA and despite his age I’m sure he has a lot more playing to do. So I’m sure all Cater fans will be excited when the season starts in November.

– Ian Lobo


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