Here’s Why BATES MOTEL is a Must Watch!

Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga starrer,”Bates Motel” Season 5 experiences change as the cast member direct new episodes of the series. The horror-thriller series reaches the end of the line with the fifth season adding new mystery characeters and pop stars as actors.

According to Ecumenical news actors dish out spoilers about the story behind season five of the series in which viewers see a detailed story inside Norman’s brain that was only shown in fractions in the earlier episodes as visions. The “Bates Motel” season 5 premiers on television in 2017 and has the actors explaining how this season has been the most terrifying to shoot when one of them was actually put into a grave 6 feet under the surface.

The interviews with the members of the cast of “Bates Motel” at comic con 2016 have led to the reveal of many inside aspects of the series that give hints to the fans about the series to keep them on their toes waiting eagerly for the telecast of the show. The interview hinted about the role of Marion Crane being played by the famous ‘work’ singer and song writer Rihanna who is a big fan if the tv series as heard in the report of the interview in Daily Dead. They explained that the story takes a more psycho turn as the visions are taking over the story and being seen from a larger view rather than small sections.

The actor Freddie Highmore explains about directing few episodes for season 5 after having written the script in season 4 episode 8.The cast and crew of the popular television series also explained the entry of ‘Chick’ in the new season, whose glimpse had been seen in the ending of the previous season. The new season would show the mysterious man playing an important role in the earlier life of Norman although the director mentions that he will not revealing whether the character plays a negative or positive role in the story.

Even though “Bates Motel” is a prequel of the renowned movie by Alfred Hitchcock ‘Psycho’ the show will have different ending than that of the movie which changes the view of any viewers as they cannot anticipate the ending anymore based on the movie.


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