Breaking the Ice With Them: How do you do it?

We’ve all been there. Be it a function, a party or even the horrible first day of [school, college, work….] That awkward moment where you wish to approach someone, but isn’t quite sure on how. The times you wish to not appear as an odd potato but end up resembling just that. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


What can be done, is of course to do a little research on how to appear more like an extrovert instead of showcasing your inner introvert. First of all, you have to remember this is just as uncomfortable for the one you approach. People tend to have their guard up when approached by strangers mainly for two reasons:

  • They are expecting to get manipulated or tricked.
  • Don’t want to be asked about any personal questions and really, who does?

So how do you put them at ease  and start a conversation?
With these two simple steps you’ll be approaching strangers and engaging them in conversations

like a pro.

  1. A) Wait For The Moment
    All good things to those who wait. It’s really important to check if the one you wish to engage with is actually open to receive others. How to find that out? Body Language! If they are seated in a more open manner and facing outwards, they are more likely to be more open to receiving you.
  2. B) Ask The Right Questions
    A key rule is to never try to meet someone with a lame joke or a very intrusive question. If you’ve done your homework, for example say they have received an award recently, then ask about that. Listen attentively and soon and ask some follow up questions. You’ll soon realise that you are no longer strangers! Hurray!Looks like you’ve got a hang of how to talk to strangers. Listening really is the main idea here. Humans love to feel important and thus when they have an audience to share their thoughts with, they will surely appreciate that. Even more so if you seem to put your eyes, ears and heart into the talk. Nothing beats dedication really!Leah

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