Broke? Here are some ideas that will fix you up!

We’ve all been there. When you’ve hit rock bottom and you have absolutely nothing to keep you going. You’re left entirely to your wits, to figure out a way to make ends meet and do something fun and worthwhile when you are called by your friends for a hangout.

With this list we hope to help you to not rack your brains so much while you try out these 3 fun-proof, wallet-safe and satisfaction-guaranteed ideas.

  • Go out for a picnic!
    There was never a time to be more in-tune with nature. Have a lovely park around your locality? Then it’s the best time to pack your baskets and head out. With all of you pitching in to bring some food, it turns out as a not so expensive day. Add some games and make into a memorable day!
    If there is a Farmer’s Market nearby, it is the most advantageous place to meet and hangout. The place and the food is taken care off. All you need to do, is simply show up.
    Pro Tip: You may want to check the weather before you leave though. Just saying.
  • Look for a free concert, a festival or even a hiking trail!
    There really is no harm in enjoying a free luxury. No harm at all (or shame) and really you’re totally missing out if you haven’t visited them so far. Hangouts with friends need not always have to break your financial balance. Sometimes it’s okay to just enjoy the simple things in life and who better than your closest friends to share these experiences with?

Seriously, this one should have been the top priority on the list. Nothing speaks comfort and at the same time not let out your financial status like home. Home sweet home, where everything is available at your fingertips. Call your friends over for a glass of wine and snacks, play a movie, catch a football game, literally almost anything. Who even made the rule that you have to go to a fancy bar or club to catch your favourite game? That too, when you have a perfectly good TV set and a comfy couch?

Nothing beats the comfort of home, except perhaps some beloved friends invading it.

Leah Liz Jacob


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