Celebrity Couples: Post Break Up

How normal is it now to see the celebrities brag about their significant other? Pretty often isn’t it? Now it is common to see paparazzi pictures of the celebrities under radar for getting to know each other too well. Most common thing we see are celebrities gushing over their partner or signify other on social media and being absolutely perfectly in love but how often is that we see the bitter side of their relationships that just explode on the internet?

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The social media attachment is a special bond to some when they care for each other but when the tables turn, the ugly side of the relationship is on display for others to see on the social media. The shady comments hurt the ego of celebs one too many times because of their previous attachments and a simple quarrel can hurl waves in the world of the fans.

The celebrities fights post break up have been seen in the case of Amber rose and Kanye West on twitter when their present day spouses sparked the fire of hate.

Another couple that had shady fights on the web through twitter and Instagram is the recently detached couple, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. The fight came into light when the DJ’s new single was in question and credit for work of Taylor swift was hidden. Harris fought back defending himself and refusing to be thrown under the bus like Swift did with pop rival, Katy Perry. One of the most recent fights through Instagram was between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The singers came to a quarrel when Justin accused Selena of using him for fame when she explained the tendency of fans being passionate. Few other fights to be remembered are of former flames Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora and Chris Brown and Rihanna.

The love turned to hate can be hurtful but at least people aren’t left in the dark.



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