CM Punk’s Documentary: A Peak Into the WWE Rebel’s Transition

WWE has always been a platform for entertainment and show of power. While many people find the UFC and WWE world drama fake or truly sympathise with it, what we cannot deny is that it does influence lives in either motivation for the sport or for mental strength that the contestants demonstrate on the show.

The stars of the shows definitely suffer a path of pain and agony to achieve name of recognition for themselves in the industry and this struggle is often undermined by the people. The contestants have managed to make their way up the line and still be connected to who they really are on the inside and it is an important lesson to learn from them. One of the most popular, successful and famous people in the business right now is “CM Punk” and the media has recognised his hard-work. Finally we see the release of a movie based documentary of his life and what his journey in the industry has been like.

Phillip Jack “Phil” Brooks, better known as CM Punk, transitioned from WWE superstar to UFC player in a long pan of years which has been his most notable achievement in his career apart from wining the belts for a few years in a row. The documentary trailer shows moments of his battle and many fights in the ring with his constant voice narrating his struggle and his journey to make it to this moment in his life.

A UFC produced documentary detailing his journey from the squared circle to the confines of the octagon debuts Monday at 9:30 p.m. ET on FS1. Brooks began his professional wrestling career on the Ring of Honor (ROH) until 2005 when he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). His journey includes his personal life and how he has been subjugated by the industry and never appreciated for his work.

The documentary will definitely be inspiring to the few who are struggling in the industry themselves and also show the truth being the stage life of the WWE sports-people.


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