Confused on what to do with your Ex’s stuff? We have an answer!!

Confused on what to do with his/her stuff?

Confused on what to do with your Ex’s stuff? Well there really is not anything to be worried about, in fact stop being Confused.

IF you called it full time: If you broke up with her/him be good and box everything and mail it to them. They’re probably going through hurt anyway, so being a genuinely nice person actually works!

IF they showed you the door: If they were the ones to break up with you, slowly and steadily take the stuff outside and burn them memories in the backyard. Make sure you take a picture and put up on social media to show to people what a psychopath they’ve turned you into.

If it was a treaty: If it was mutual return the things you know they will miss. Like when the British gave India their land back.

-Demetrius Jacob


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