Cousins The First Love?

We’ve all grown up with cousins around us who we absolutely adore. Many a times they’ve been closer as a friend to us than our blood siblings. There are cousins who are elder to you and others who are younger but the best ones are those who grow up parallel to you and take a ride on the same rollercoaster you’re on.

Let’s face it, it is true when they say “cousins are your first best friends.” We grow up together eating mud; stealing cookies; staying up late night talking about random topics like “Sunita aunty is such a cheapskate”;  sneaking out of the house to go to our first party; having our first smoke/drink; crushing on our first crush; keeping every little dirty secret we have known to ourselves – and then we eventually GROW UP.

Past adolescence, we find other people who we resort to and unintentionally detach ourselves with our once-upon-a-time partners in crime. We go to a college in the east and they in the west. Our regular meetings turn to an occasional “What’s up? How’s life?” texts.

Adulthood gets even worse. By this time,  you guys are living in two completely different realms, chasing your dreams and planning on how to pay your bills. Your meetings will only be held in a funeral or a wedding, and at that time YOU will have become the “Sunita aunty” whom your nephew and niece would make fun of joyously, innocently blind of their future friendship.

So, if you are a teenager and still claim to have a best friend-cousin, acknowledge your relationship and try to get the best out of it till it lasts.
And if you share the age and expression with “Sunita aunty”, plan a proper meeting with your detached cousin(s) and let nostalgia hit you till you start eating mud with your cousin. (either nostalgia or the round of shots)


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