Cranky in the Mornings? This Might Just be What You Need!

Every day you wish you could throw your alarm out the window and sleep for another 4 hours. You scream ‘Lies!’ when you watch people wake up happily on TV and no matter how much you sleep; it simply isn’t enough. Sounds familiar? Then this article is definitely for you.

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Firstly, you need 7 hours of sleep minimum as an adult. Minimum and that means no more 5-6 hours of sleep. It’s just not healthy at all. Let’s not even talk about the damage an all-nighter can do to your body.

But before going to the sleeping part, let’s make sure you have a proper dinner. By that it doesn’t mean you feast like a king. Quite the opposite since the saying goes that for dinner you ‘dine like a pauper.’ Having a good and hearty meal can ensure that you don’t wake up in between with hunger pangs or tummy aches! Also drinking a glass of warm milk can do wonders.

Having a night time routine is a good idea to help you prepare for the next day. Such as washing your face and brushing your teeth before sleeping. Moisturize your skin, do a bit of reading. All these are wonderful ways to end your day. It can help you transition into a deep and disturbance-free sleep. You may want to move away from horror readings though. Just saying.

Here’s a major advice and one you most likely would ignore. Keep your gadgets away 20 minutes before you sleep. No binging on your phones late night. It keeps your brain active even after you shut it down to sleep and thus make falling asleep more difficult. Time is too precious to waste ‘trying’ to fall asleep.

One final suggestion? Go over your entire day. This can take you 30s – 5 minutes. You can go over what you are grateful for, what went wrong and what you can do to make your day better tomorrow. Doing so will make your entire day, one that you’ve learned from and thus not wasted. Also for the next day? Look forward to something fun and exciting. The only time we wake up early shouldn’t be just for exams.

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