Defining Human Development: All You Need to Know

Define Human Development

Human development refers to the widening of people’s choices while simultaneously increasing their welfare or well being. The issue with human development and various nations is that often income and wealth alone is taken into consideration for measuring human development. True rise in the wealth of the nation is important, but what constitutes this rise? Is it at the cost of the living standards of the people?

Income of the country alone cannot define welfare, for income can rise with higher taxes and with the rich getting richer. There is no point in advertising a high GDP with a considerable portion of the state under poverty.


This only gives us the problem of not recognising the depreciating states of the people in some cases thus neglecting the well being of the people. Theories have stated that human beings are the ultimate means to an end and human development doesn’t end in widening of the people’s choices and well being but also other aspects such as healthy life, social and political participation, access to proper education, securities and benefits and so on. HDI is measured in terms of individual’s life expectancy, educational attainment and standard of living. The HDI value of 1 is the highest HDI and right now Netherlands has the highest HDI while India is somewhere below

Thus it is rightly said that people are the real wealth of nation and hence are the real ends of all the activities in a society.



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