Does brand image define quality?

The first few things attract the attention of a person who absolutely adores fashion is the brand name. The name of legit popular brand has become either a goal or a hobby for the people. Girls obsess about the brand more than they do about the product that they bought. Some people really get that these products are unreasonably expensive and that it doesn’t make much of a difference than the others but they are still drawn to the stores that make them feel like they’re a part of a lifestyle. The celebrities have a life of many people’s dreams but what people don’t realize is that the celebrities worked really hard to get the life that they live.


The brand is commonly associated with quality and a higher, more popular brand name usually indicates better quality but only some people truly analyze the products for the quality difference. The names Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Forever 21, H&M, Balmain and Tommy Hilfiger are names that are becoming common to the ears but require a lot of money to actually acquire. People spend so much of money on these and are so narrow sighted to the name that they often overlook the quality. Now most of the time, the product is really of good quality but not always. Sometimes they are super delicate and when we use normal methods to clean the clothes we destroy the essence and its uniqueness. So, no, it is definitely not true that popular brands make the best quality product. Sometimes the price is as high as the maintenance of it is. If anything of a good quality is not taken care of it loses its quality.

The brands are unique have their own sense of aesthetic appeal to them but that doesn’t always indicate that its quality is good. This misconception in the minds of people needs to be put to check to make their choices more clear.


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