Embarrassing things done by everyone and not just you!

Embarrassing things done by everyone and not just you!

Now here’s a list you might wanna read to make yourself feel a little better about a few embarrassing habits, ‘cause validation makes the best of us feel a little more confident about ourselves. Most of us do them, but rarely any of us admit to them. But don’t worry, we’re all together in this.

image source: distractify.com
image source: distractify.com
  • Pretending to be Beyonce in the shower (using the shampoo bottle as a mic)
  • Rehearing your ‘thank you’ speech for having won the Oscars/grammys
  • Stalking someone on social media after a first date
  • Flipping people off once their backs are to you (especially teachers)
  • Stealing food from a friend’s plate while they’re not looking
  • Just pretending to have understood what someone’s saying after you’ve said “what?” three times
  • Blatantly staring at a hot stranger and lowkey getting sad that you’re never going to see them again
  • Passing by someone you know on the street, and pretending to have not noticed them at all to avoid small talk
  • Waving at someone who’s wave wasn’t meant for you, and then just pretending like you had to fix your hair
  • Looking at the masterpiece you’ve created before flushing
  • Standing before a mirror for hours at a stretch, admiring your outrageously good looks
  • Trying out foreign accents; or is that just me?
  • Imagining conversations that never happened/making them end differently (each time where in imaginary land you end it with an amazing come back)
  • Pretending to be busy texting while sitting alone at a public place so people don’t think you’re a loner

    image source: goodhousekeeping.com
    image source: goodhousekeeping.com
  • Planning and imagining a violent death of that one person you hate the most (or two)
  • Doing most of the learning on the morning of an exam in the toilet
  • Picking things up with your toes when you’re too lazy to bend down (which is almost always)
  • Recording your voice just to hear what you sound like, and then deleting all trace of it (I definitely sound like a dying walrus)
  • Trying to bring out the ‘sexy beast’ in you when clicking a selfie, and failing horribly at it
  • Casting Harry Potter spells and hoping they work “this” time
  • Pretending to be featuring in a music video when three of these happen at once- looking out of a car window + sad music + rain drops on the window

-Saumya M.


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