Ever had a crush on someone? Here are some moments you can relate to!

There are two sides to having a crush on someone: the first one is all rainbows and butterflies. You wake up every morning, excited about seeing them, talking to them, hoping everyday more than the previous. The second is where you feel like taking a knife and ripping your heart out since your crush seems to be impervious to all your subtle hints. Here are a few moments that top the list:

  • Stuttering, stammering, or messing words up in front of your crush

    image source :pintrest.com
    image source :pintrest.com

Happens a lot when you’re nervous, which is always while talking to the him/her. They come into the room, and you find yourself behaving like a pre-teen. When you’re crushing hard, you spend most of your day dreams planning out conversations with him/her. Political beliefs? Rehearsed. Favourite band? Check. And then this happens- Crush: “Hey, how’re you doing?” My brain: PANIC. PANIC. I’M NOT READY FOR THIS. WHAT DO I SAY? Umm…” SAY SOMETHING. “Uhh…”

  • When your crush asks you who you like

You start looking everywhere but directly at them when this question gets thrown your way. *Inwardly* Take a hint! It’s YOU! YOU! What do I have to do for you to get this?! *Outwardly* “Oh. Me? No one really…” *Awkward creepy smile* GO TEAM AWKWARD!

  • When he/she misses a day at work or school

Knowing you aren’t going to be able to see them, or talk to them all day, your motivational levels get dangerously low, don’t they? And what’s worse? Sheer waste of a perfectly good outfit which was supposed to impress him/her.

  • Falling down/bumping into something

You’re walking across the hall, and when you know your crush is looking your way, you try to attempt the sexiest walk. Except, if you’re as clumsy as me, while focusing on the hottie, you’d hit your pinkie against a desk and then have to pretend like you’re totally okay while every cell in your foot cries out in pain. “I’m totally okay, don’t worry” *Holds back tears*

  • When your crush starts dating someone

    image source: friends.wikia.com
    image source: friends.wikia.com

Someone, who is NOT you. When your crush starts going out with someone, you’re filled with jealousy, anger, and hate, so much hate. You obviously missed your window and didn’t tell your crush about your feelings, and you also most likely don’t hate their new boyfriend/girlfriend for any rational reason, other than the fact that they’re stealing your crush away from you! *Mutters curses*


You’re lying if you say none of these have ever happened to you with your crush. But did I miss any moments? Comment below and let me know!



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