Relax, the title has no connection with the 1994 comedy that we all love and have watched over and over again, rather it’s about the people we allow in our lives to change us with their presence for the good or for the worse.

Meeting an old friend was the least I expected on a warm Saturday morning which made me question the number of people whom I consider to be my friends. Around a hundred or so on a networking site is all that I could sum up to but do I really know them? I’m afraid not. So with a question not so hard and a mind so curious, I made a list of the type of friends I have encountered so far.

1:  ‘brother from another mother’.

I do have friends with whom I share mostly everything. Most people think that we are ‘brothers in all but blood’ sounds silly but these kinds of friends play the role of a brother better than our own, you can trust me on this…..or not.

2:  ‘are you okay?’ concerned friend


They are good and it’s sweet of them to be concerned about us but most of the time they get on our nerves. They will be there for you, you can count on it.

3: the ‘silence is my best friend’ friend.


I have observed that in most friend circles, they are wise and tend not to include themselves in what the others call fun, it’s too energy consuming for them. (Introvert alert!)

4: the friend who gets you in trouble unintentionally.


Yeah I admit I still hang out with friends like these only reason being, we have lots of fun doing crazy stuff not to mention punishments for dessert.

5: The ‘Iwas I am and will be better than you’ friend.


It’s funny how I have a friend like this on my list, but it’s good to have one friend of this kind to learn to compete.

6:  The ‘Joker’


Note: Not the infamous villain in the batman series.

This friend will do almost anything to make you laugh, no matter what the situation; they always turn a frown upside down. I believe I have a dozen of these on my list.

7: The ‘My mouth is a gift from God and I cannot shut it’ friend.


The most famous people in every friend circle. They always have the latest news and are eager to spill it out to an audience. But mind you they gossip, and for their deeds they wait for their pay, another gossip in return.

Fun to hang out with, you won’t feel alone with this bunch and they seem to be blooming in an unimaginable rate.

8: The ‘walking ATM’


You get what I mean by this. The one with the dough. Well, we all wonder where he gets it from.

9: The wise sage.


The friend with the right words at the right time. They will help you with words whether you like it or not, either from their experience or from rumours that they have heard.

10: The foodie


He is a ‘no’ for everything except anything that includes food. A friend of this kind really helps you develop a good taste in the food you eat, they come in handy when your budget is low and you have to take a special someone out for dinner.

11: The musician


I have a lot of friends who are gifted musicians. I have come to learn a great deal about music from them. My favourite time killing activity so far has been to listen to them play or sing.

12:  Investors with no returns


Friends with a habit of borrowing a ten or two with no intention of returning it, having a friend like this will really boost your knowledge about financing. So to say the bane of the walking ATM.

13: The ‘what will God think of that!?’ friend.


We all have that friend who is a better Christian than the rest, who acts as the inner voice of the group. They turn out to be good friends even though we have a laugh or two at their expense. And we seldom mess with them fearing the wrath of God.

14: The ‘significant other’ friend.

Some may have more than a dozen of this kind, finding one significant other and then moving on to another. They are insignificant for me right now and I still have to find one yet. What I have heard so far about them from my friends is that, they can share anything and everything with this friend and they feel safe and secure.

15: The rule breaker.

No matter what you do or what you say this friend keeps breaking the rules, but they themselves live by one rule: there are no rules. They are cool and hanging out with them we feel we have entered the ‘cool zone’ but we forget that one day the hot gust of reality will hit us hard and knock out that cool breeze.

In the end what I want to convey with this list of different personalities of people is that friends are important and they help us to find out who we really are, and they do show us the fun and craziness this world has to offer. It’s all right to cut a few of them short for our own betterment. Choose them well, treasure them and don’t forget to enjoy doing stupid things with a bunch of Hooligans.



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