Gaming! An addiction or a hobby? Find out!

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Many gamers and people who enjoy video games have been criticized and given a mouthful by the crowd around them. Because they enjoy sitting for hours in front of digital screens and are engrossed in a virtual world of someone else’s creation. To be truthful there is nothing wrong with gaming and gaming can definitely be a hobby. Why? Because people play it for leisure, it can be fun and enjoyable like any other activity that people take up as hobbies, for instance like reading a book, writing, collecting antiques, coins etcetera ; it can be called a diverse activity with the numerous types of games available across a number of consoles.

Gaming also has a few plus points; multiplayer games and platform games help develop team working skills, strategy and arcade games help enhance problem solving skills. People actually indulge in gaming to bust stress and pressure they experience in their life. What else it’s cheap and entertaining, and requires only a small investment. No heavy labour required.

Anything and everything is neither all good nor bad, gaming too has its drawbacks. Gaming can become a problem. Prolonged gaming can cause health issues like back pains, reduced vitality due to less physical activities, sleeping disorders and eating disorders. Some argue that gaming increases the level of aggression of an individual. The idea of gaming currency was a brilliant one, which a gamer can fund by spending actual money. Gaming has captivated people enough to make them pay for artificial and pixelated items which pop up on a screen.

But the problem lies not in how long or how much a person games but how they change and adapt their way of living because of gaming. Not clear yet? Well its simple it does not matter what people do while gaming but what they miss out in their lives. Gaming does not become an addiction based on how long a person plays a game but it becomes an addiction when it impacts the healthy life of an individual and impairs their ability to carry out other activities of life. This distinguishes gaming as a hobby and gaming as an addiction.

-Imlionen Longkumar


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