Had too much to drink? Here are some quick ways to sober up and reduce your hangover

It’s happened to all of us at some point: you’re out with your friends, at a party, or a bar, to just have a couple of drinks and enjoy your time together; but turns out that you had a couple too many, and now you need to sober up fast. Although being drunk is fun and a great way to temporarily forget about your problems, there are situations where you need to think clearly and get some control back (like when you get a call from your boss, or worse- mummi) So here are a few tips and tricks you could use:

Image source: thepostculture.wordpress.com
Image source: thepostculture.wordpress.com
  • Have lots of water: This will dilute your blood and mean that there is less alcohol circulating around your body. At the same time it will mean that you go to the toilet more which will flush your system and remove the alcohol that way. This also helps you to freshen up.
  • Having a few cups of coffee: Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, and it gives your brain a boost, causing some of the symptoms of drunkenness to decrease. Make sure that your coffee is strong and black, in order to get the best out of it.
  • Induced vomiting: Even though this trick isn’t the most pleasant one, it works great. Throwing up means expulsion of all the alcohol from your before the liver metabolizes it, and that helps you recover much faster. And if you’re feeling dizzy and/or are experiencing discomfort, this is a highly recommended option.
  • A cold shower: Cold water is a great way to help yourself think more clearly. The intensity of the stimulus fires up your neurons, and helps you come back to your senses. So take a cold shower if you’re at home, and if you can’t shower, try splashing some cool water on your face and/or head. It’ll also help make you feel less warm.
  • A few nuskas (home remedies): Apart from all the above tricks, there are a few remedies you could try with these easily available ingredients-
  1. Mix juice of one lemon in 1 cup water and drink it several times.
  2. Squeeze out the juice of two apples, and drink it.
  3. You can try eating some guava, and also try crushing some coriander, and having it mixed with sugar.

Despite all these tricks, the best way to sober up and minimize the intensity of a hangover is to sleep it off. So if you can, try napping for even an hour or two. It’ll help you feel a lot better.



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