Here’s how you can bring order to a chaotic and confusing lifestyle!

To those who like order or wish to bring some into your chaotic lifestyle this article is especially written for you. Making lists can seem like a rather mundane, tiring and useless task. Trust me, it’s more useful than it appears to be though it has its drawbacks. Read the article and come to a conclusion yourself.

One of the best parts of making lists is that it gives you a perspective. Jotting down what needs to be done in a day can give you an idea on how to spend the day. You can make sure, that the day goes according to your need and nothing takes you by surprise.

The con? The exact same thing. Life would be boring without surprises and making lists can make your day rather predictable and may be even monotonous. With a fixed time-table you may have a tendency to form habits and routines which can lead to other consequences as well.

But making lists need not be seen as a chore. It can actually be quite fun. How? You may ask. Well lists need not be only on what needs to be done daily. You can make them about, say top favourite movies to watch after exams! What is so bad in that?

Another Con though is that you may not be able to follow through on your check-list. What is so wrong with that? Sure it does bring about a certain level of disappointment but what is life if not a big surprise? You need not follow them so strictly! You made that list, you’re in control. There’s always next time.

One of the best part of making lists is that it helps you prioritize things. If you were asked to write three of the most important things to be done that day, you would be able to write it and thus prioritise what needs to be done. This adds along to your perspective and helps you understand what are the important things that need to be done and what can be neglected. Finally, some clarity from a muddle of decisions.

This entire article may seem like from someone who has a bit of OCD but the only intention here is to help you decide whether or not you should buy a little notepad for all that list making you may start doing.

Leah Liz Jacob


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