Taylor Swift a “liar”? The shocking truth finally revealed!

After the much publicized fight between Kanye and Taylor the truth has been finally been released. In no less by a snapchat video.

image source: elle.com
image source: elle.com

After the many back and forth between them and the public trying to find out who is telling the truth, it has finally been brought out by Kim’s snap where Taylor is seen partaking in that alleged phone call. It is where she gave Kanye more or less permission to use her as a reference for his song.

Taylor and her PR team first claimed to have not been sought out for approval when the song was released as it did contain an offensive remark against her. Kanye refuted saying she had agreed to the song and he had taken prior notice where she gave her blessings for the song over the phone.

Finally, the snap Kim released does indeed show who was telling the truth and brings us to the conclusion Taylor Swift indeed lied. It is sad because she is someone who many people look up-to and this is another cross mark against her recent behaviour. (Calvin who?)

Taylor’s recent silence over social media seems to have been because the singer has been caught red-handed this time and she may be facing the heat for it. Some have the opinion that she plays the injured victim far too often and this time it’s a claim that none of the Swifties can deny. As someone who has been frequently dragged into dirt by the media it is sad to see her do this to someone.

While the Kardashian family will rejoice in having their name cleared, Taylor shall spend some time musing over her actions after her lack of nominations in the MTV Awards. After all, she will have her beau Tom to cheer her up and think of a new song about a ex.


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