House M.D vs Sherlock

House, from House M.D. has been called the medical Sherlock, and everyone who’s a fan of both the shows has noticed the similarities. While it’s been years since both the characters became popular, shows like these never grow old, or boring. Admit it, it didn’t take much to get completely hooked to either of the shows.

For anyone who thinks the connection between the two characters might have been coincidental, or hasn’t noticed the correlation between the two iconic characters, let’s go through ways in which the two are similar:

The first and most obvious similarity lies in their last names. Holmes, House, get it. David Shore, creator of the series deliberately modeled House’s character based on that of Sherlock Holmes. But what’s lesser known is that Arthur Conan Doyle created the character of Sherlock Holmes inspired by that of a doctor. The lives of both the characters revolve around science, and solving problems. Problems that are too complicated for most others, and pose a challenge- which is what gives them a kick out of it, feeds their superiority complex and makes them conceited. Holmes and House both are a great success in their respective professional fields, and what makes them so is their intelligence, and eye for detail. Holmes, and House, both can deduce a great deal from just looking at a person. Their gift of observation and deduction also makes them bored easily, and refuse cases that are easy.

Both the characters never shy away from danger, and have risked their lives for a case multiple times. They strongly believe in reason, and their decisions are governed by reason and logic. Their rationality leaves less room for emotion, which is why both the men can be seen berating their colleagues, neighbors, family members, often relentlessly. They observably share an unconventional personality that is eccentric, and brusqueness in manner, especially during a case.

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Despite their extraordinary problem solving skills, their success is limited to their professional lives. In their professional lives, Holmes and House have only one friend each. John Watson, and James Wilson. (J.W) Watson is Sherlock’s only friend and roommate, who accompanies Sherlock on his adventures. Wilson too, is House’s only friend, as is, at one point House’s roommate too. While Dr. House and Mr. Holmes are the Alpha male in the relationship, Watson and Wilson remain loyal friends, who put up with the impossible personalities of our min characters, try their best to look out for their friends. We see a similarity between Watson and House as well, both being cripples.

It’s House’s leg injury that leads him to his vicodin addiction, and the drug abuse another commonality between Dr. House and Mr. Holmes. We see Holmes abusing cocaine, House dependent on vicodin, and morphine common to both. When their side-kicks protest against their drug use, our protagonists insist that the drugs only stimulate their brains, increase their mind capacities, and don’t compromise their judgement.

In addition, there appear to be more similarities in the series such as their addresses. Holmes lives on 221B Baker Street, and while the name of the street on which House lives isn’t known, his house number is the same- 221B. There appears a character in both the shows, that has greater authority and needs the expertise of Sherlock and House, yet disapproves of their eccentric methods- Inspector Lestrade and Dr. Lisa Cuddy, respectively. In the series House, a patient featured in the series pilot was named Rebecca Addler which was a reference to the character Irene Addler from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels. ‘Moriarty’ is another common name. We all remember Moriarty from Sherlock series, who is Holmes’ biggest challenge, but in the season 2 finale, Dr. House comes cross a Moriarty, who shoots him.

And finally, their interest in music is mutual, and their common lack of basic social skills leaves them with unique pass times. Sherlock Holmes can be found playing the violin or reading the paper while House could be tinkering on the piano, playing video games or spending time with prostitutes.

-Saumya M.


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