iisuperwomanii “Lilly Singh” taking over all fields on the entertainment industry…

The YouTube megastar Lilly Singh better known as superwoman has achieved nearly what every YouTube star dreams of and could never imagine. The woman has set boundaries and has shown the world hoe big a YouTuber can go when they efficiently towards their channel.


The famous channel iisuperwomanii has nearly ten million subscribers and the count just keeps growing every day. The popular YouTuber is an actress, vlogger, comedian and rapper and takes all of her work very seriously.

Born an Indian in Toronto, Canada to Punjabi parents, Lilly has a psychology degree which she commonly uses as insults or humour in her videos. She has seen so much growth in her career in the past few years and has startled all who ever doubted the ambition of any YouTuber. She has managed to bag a world tour called “A Trip 2 Unicorn Island”, a movie based on her world trip and several musical contributions in movies of Bollywood alongside famous icons such as Madhuri Dixit who also featured on her video.

Her dedication towards her work has inspired many young kids to do well and her story is as encouraging as that of any old-timer. In interviews she explained about her depression and YouTuber behaving as a medicine for her so that she overcomes depression through brining joy to others.

The talented star has created a name of her fame worldwide and has millions of fans who have named her fandom “Team Super”. She is a humble woman who is passionate about her work and even though she jokes a lot about being lazy we see an immense amount of work she puts into her career.

She has appeared on television shows, one of the most popular ones being with Jimmy Fallon. She has her posters and a banner decorated across the cities around the world and is as excited to see each one of them every time as she was for the first. She has gained many awards for her work and also has contacts with famous celebrities including her dream man “Dwayne Johnson”. The young lady has created storms in the world of youtube and continues to grow creating history everyday by undertaking endorsements and new projects while keeping her YouTube channel alive and running no less than before.


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