Indulgence of the mind in a world of novels

The dream of a mind to have its own world is not new. Everyone dreams of their own world and this world is based on the desires of the heart and imagination of the mind. It is a very addictive thing to disappear in a world of your own or to use your imagination and picture yourself in a different world altogether. When the people read certain things the human mind has the tendency to imagine itself in the situation of what they are reading. Reading has a power in influence the mind and brings the soul a sense of relief and pleasure. All the books are not meant to be felt and understood by the human emotions but there are certain books that allow the mind to grow by widening their imagination and receptive capacity. Novels are a work of art that can transport the person into the world that it holds within its pages.


A novel is carefully written by the authors who pour their thoughts and use their creativity to create the assemblage of pages. Every novel has a piece of the authors’ most inner desires, wishes, emotions or experiences. When a person reads such words of the writers they are taken into the world of the writer and many times they imagine themselves as the narrators and live the stories in their mind. The novels can be of many types. They can tell a story that is real or a fantasy, they can be words of wisdom to motivate the reader or they can be the records of one’s life and teach the readers. Either way the readers gain intellectual strength when they read the novels and loose nothing.

The values of novels in recent days are increases because the people seem to understand its value and the reading audience is increasing. The writing industry gives happiness to the people that nothing else can give and this encourages people to write and read more and more every day.



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