Instagram’s or Snapchat’s?

Stealing ideas, processes, techniques and opportunities is not something new that we see on the social-media sites. Every social media has a uniqueness of its own and stands out because of the one factor or the use that sets it apart from others.

One the most commonly used social-media platforms by people nowadays are Snapchat and Instagram. Both platforms impact lives of the people of this generation and have managed to drug them with their unique qualities that has never been seen before.

The apps have each unique quality, Instagram having their picture filters and Snapchat having their 24 hour Snap story. The tables seem to have been turned by Instagram when they revealed an updated version of their app that allows you to update the 24 hour story like in Snapchat.

The users were shocked at this new feature of Instagram and criticised the developers for stealing the concept of Snapchat. It really turned heads for the people obsessed with the stories and respected the unique idea of Snapchat. This act of literally stealing idea is blatantly screaming that Instagram has no more creative juices flowing in their development stream and have come down to stealing the ideas and concepts of other apps as their new  updates.

The public reaction wasn’t all in favour to the Instagram developers due to the clear plagiarism in idea rather than the execution. Some people were disappointed while some were overjoyed to have such a feature that can be used to share with their followers on Instagram who may not have added them on their Snapchat accounts.

The filters on the new feature are brilliant although we are not yet completely used to them. The funniest thing seen is that people are actually speaking out about how Instagram has clearly stolen the idea of stories on both of the apps using the feature that they both now share.


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