Is it human nature to keep delaying your work?

Everyone procrastinates, no matter how old or young you maybe everyone procrastinates. It isn’t a question of how big or small the job is, or whether or not we have the time for it, cause we all have the time to do work, a day has 24 hours and yet some people say they don’t have the time to do the work. It is a known fact that we only require 6-7 hours of sleep a day, 1 hour at max to get ready for the day and that leaves us with around 16-17 hours a day inclusive of lunch and dinner. So why do people feel as if there aren’t enough hours in a day to do things? Is it that we do not enjoy to do the work, or is it a more psychological reason as to why we do not commit to our work.

In today’s day and age adults feel like it’s only the young ones who procrastinate and waste time, when in fact they do it as well, while not being apparent everyone procrastinates in some way or the other irrespective of how hard working we may be or how intelligent or diligent we are. At times we tend to push off our work either because do not enjoy it or because we are busy with other things. Psychologically speaking if we do not enjoy a certain job we have the tendency to do other things before the respective job, furthermore when it comes time to do that job we find other things to do. It can almost be said that its in our nature to push off work we do not enjoy and when it’s too late we have the tendency to rush through the said work and finishing it off in a half-hazardous fashion.

From a students perspective there is always something better to do than their assignments for example; sports, socialising, gaming, going out etc. There are a multitude of reasons for students to procrastinate, but there is only one base reason behind this and that is they just do not enjoy doing work and hence will do anything and everything to push of their work. Adults too although many would disagree procrastinate as well, though not as multitudinous as a students but still deserve mention. The many reasons that an adult would give for procrastination are forgetting, house hold work, taking care of the young ones, family matters, etc. Admittedly many of these reasons may seem poor or weak but in actuality are definitive reasons for procrastination.

There is no one single reason as to why people procrastinate, but assuredly we all do our work when the time comes, so adults who constantly worry about your child or a family member not doing their work don’t just sit on their back and tell them about it but give an occasional reminder, cause remember you too procrastinate for what ever small reason.


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