Looking for a job? Here is a list of the more popular and growing jobs!

It has been a common question for teenagers:” what do you want to do when you grow up?” but now more than ever everyone faces difficulty in answering this question. It isn’t because they don’t know what they want to do but it’s because there are so many things to choose from that they find all the opportunities thrown at their faces. In the modern day we find a billion companies offering job positions from all sectors of study that underemployment should be an ancient issue at this rate of development. The internet and luxurious life style of our era has brought life to new jobs and opportunities. The requirements of the people have expanded and to fulfill those we have a large range of new employment positions.
Some of the few jobs that you couldn’t find in the earlier time that have become common now are
Digital marketing specialist
Social media manager
Chef on demand
Interior designer
Personal artist
Disco jockey
Wedding planner
Business analyst
Chief listening officer
SEO manager
App designer
App developer
Cloud services specialist
Big data analyst
Market data researcher
Event organiser
These are just a few to name. All of these occupations have their own area of studies and courses that specialise in its training which again causes opportunities in training profession. The people are turning career oriented and need the rest of their daily works to be taken care of by others to make their lives a tad bit easier, and why not do that when you can very well afford for that job being done. This is beneficial to two sections of people, one who need the work to be done and the other who can do the work which provides employment opportunities.
Every field of expertise is being noticed and it helps to cultivate the talent within people by giving them a sense of benefit from their interest. Unlike older times when creative interest were seen as useless if they wanted to make a living from their hobby, now it is possible for the people to cultivate their creative talents while earning from it to make a living for themselves and their family.



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