Man vs Vegan

The Debate that will have no end but won’t disappoint you on the number of participants, must you go vegan or not? Well it’s fair to say that both parties have favorable points. But hold on, what really is the big fuss?
Non-vegetarians, these people have existed from the time man felt hungry for the first time. They side with the fact that animals have no emotions, eating meat is in our barbaric genes, and of course there’s nothing morally wrong with the consumption of meat. Seems like we’re forgetting something, oh right- the classic most used excuse, “YOUR PEOPLE KILL THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE OXYGEN THAT MAKE OUR PEOPLE BREATHE.” Has never failed the non-vegetarians. King Henry must be proud.

The vegetarians, the calm and peaceful “clean eaters”. It’s often argues by the vegetarians that animals have sentiments too. That we have animal laws to protect animals, but why discriminate between animals? How can it ethically be proved right to think it’s wrong to kill dogs but “normal” to have bacon for breakfast? Most importantly the plight and treatment of these animals is often protested. We aren’t really sure what the vegetarian tag line would be, but just to give them one it can be-“YOUR PEOPLE KILL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE EMOTIONS TOO”.

But what really is the fuss? Isn’t it a mere preference? It must be said that going the vegan way might be much more healthy and they reduce the level of methane that’s released in the world, lesser bloodshed of animals and the likes. On the flip side we forget to debate on the plight of the farmers. There are deeper issues, like the bloodshed that’s taking place in the Middle East and the plights of our farmers.

Should you go Vegan? It’s a matter of preference.


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