Media Killing the Respect of Celebrities?

Time and again we see many news articles emerging on the television as well as the news-papers and all this excites the people who have an interest in the lives of the celebrities and the things that they do in life. The public enjoy news about the stars at times and feel repelled about certain news reports about them. The journalism and reporting sector no longer looks at stars the way they did earlier in the industry. The news articles require proof that the journalists need to collect before reporting and publishing on any platform of notice. In order to get such news articles which may not always favor the celebrities, the media has to go to extents of spying and many times insulting the celebrities in person to get a sort of reaction.

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The news in modern times isn’t focused on the accomplishments of star but rather on their personal lives and their behavior. A media unit will do anything to make the star seem like the worst person on the planet by framing things in different ways just to get more views and more attention. The celebrities are left annoyed and humiliated at their deeds, even the ones that are not true. The media puts stars in such a light that the viewer notices no good aspect in the person’s life.

In recent years the celebrities serve as a medium for the media to gain content and increase views on their reports based on the fan following and influential power of the star. Earlier the celebrities had an aura around them, a sense of respect for their work and talent but this isn’t the case seen today. In earlier days the media would showcase the achievements of the stars unlike today when the celebrities receive no respect in interviews or personal life.


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