Perks of Being Single

As you sit in bed, watching Rom-Com movies, binge-eating pints of your favourite Baskin-Robbins, and avoiding all the #couplegoals pictures on social media, you begin to wonder if Single life is going to have any happiness in store for you. Although single life can be a bit lonesome sometimes, and make you miss things like cuddling, it is far from being the worst of relationship statuses that it is made out to be. Don’t believe me? Consider these perks for yourself:

image source: pinterest
image source: pinterest
  1. You get the license to flirt. Let’s face it: we all flirt, whether single or not. Most of this flirting is innocent in nature, but when there’s a jealous partner in the mix, things can get pretty awkward, since jealousy comes as naturally as flirting does. So when it comes to single life, you’re free to acknowledge all the hotties.
  2. You sleep much better. When you’ve got the whole bed to yourself, there’s no his/her side. You can sleep diagonally or horizontally, and with much more peace, especially if your partner had a habit of snoring! You also get to keep all the covers. No more freezing feet and fighting for covers.
  3. You save on a lot of money, and you’re allowed to spend that money however you want. Money that you would’ve spent of gifts, on dates, and everything else in a relationship is all yours now, and there’s no one to judge you on how to spend it.
  4. Don’t have to pretend like his guy friends/ her girlfriends anymore. When you’re in a relationship, you don’t just have to deal with the small annoyances that your partner might have, but his/her friends come for free. It’s a package deal. They usually know about all the fights, all your flaws, and that’s more information than I’d be willing to give to people I can barely tolerate.
  5. You’re allowed to be as lazy and disgusting as you’d like. This one’s probably one of the best perks. Eat in bed and leave crummies everywhere, let your condensation covered drinks form rings on the coffee table, leave nail clippings on tables, leave the bed a gorgeous mess, stay at home all day, sitting in pajamas, put off shaving for as long as you can (until you have a date gain, who you want to please).
  6. Freedom to wear whatever pleases you. You can wear whatever flavor of lip-gloss you like, or that cologne that you love but your partner couldn’t stand the smell of, that dress he always thought was too short or too tight, or that tie she always hated… all that stuff can breathe now, finally out of your closet.
  7. And of course, running into and falling in love with your celebrity crush is a possibility again. It’s a long-shot, but seems a bit more achievable now.

-Saumya M.


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