Practical education is what we need?

Practical Education is what we need? Do you remember going to school and learning all these tough theories like calculus and the Venn diagram and thinking if I can’t do this, I won’t survive in life? Then 5 years later, nothing you ever learned in school will help fix your broken car that won’t start and is holding up almost 1km of traffic.


I loved school, it learned a lot of valuable things there, but there is literally no subject in school which prepares you from the outside world where we have do a lot of “Adulting”. For the most part, what a lot of teachers looks at as common sense is what a lot of kids won’t really get because especially now kids are a lot more sheltered than it was when I was growing up, at least.

I love the European and American school systems, where when you first have to learn about geography, you have to draw a map of your home to the school. In Indian schools, and I’m talking in generalities what a majority of children in secondary education are taught. It is a method of telling them what to learn and just putting it out on paper, understanding skills are shunned and we have to rely on theoretical knowledge.

To be fair, we really don’t use more than half the things, we learn in school, we learn on the job and we learn through experience. When you only learn theories, it all stored up there in your brain but when you actually in a situation of crisis or need to do something in urgency, you will be stuck.

Things like learning how to manage money, eating healthy and finding your individualistic need rather than following the pack is very necessary. We’ve seen India’s education system slowly come out of the shell of traditional education and we hope that continues in greater volumes.


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