Relive the classic 90 ‘ s cartoons that we all miss!

The early years are one of the most influential years of every child, they grow up learning and experiencing many different things, and the one place they learn and experience the most in their lives is in front of the TV. Cartoons play a big role in a growing child’s life. Cartoons have been teaching children a variety of values such as; they learn things such as hard work pays off, what’s good and what wrong, etc.

Some of the most influential and famous cartoons of the recent past are:

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It was and still is a cartoon that almost every child, teen and adult still loves and enjoys. The reason being that the cartoon had a great variety of comic episodes; it had a large sense of mystery behind it and the stories, furthermore everyone no matter what the age loves the idea of a talking dog who not only is the cartoon entirely about but is also the glimmer of hope for every child that they too would have such a friend. The show also was very immersive and allowed children to try and figure out the mysteries on their own like little detectives.

Popeye the Sailor
Yet another classic example of good value imparting cartoon, this show was famous for many years as it had multitudes of different stories as well as values to share with its many young viewers. Two of the most influential values imparted by the show were, ‘Vegetables especially spinach would help kids to grow bug and strong’ and ‘No matter the situation good will always win over evil’.

Captain Planet

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This cartoon aimed at imparting the knowledge of how important the environment was. The writer of the cartoon saw it fit to portray the heroes as a group of young teens who individually loved nature and fought with power rings. Each of these power rings belonged to their very own element and when joined together brought forth mystifying being who drew his power from the environment and with his power fought against those that would harm or pollute the environment.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

One of the funniest and endearing cartoons to ever be aired on tv. The main character of this show was the dog named ‘Courage’ who through thick or thin strived for the safety of his new found family i.e. Eustace and Muriel. Although Eustace whose signature line was “Stupid Dog!” showed some animosity towards courage, we’d always find our star courage fighting to protect Eustace for the sake of Muriel his wife who loved him so. This show teaches children the importance of love and how it helps us to push forward no matter the obstacle.

Tom & Jerry

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Although being a cartoon many adults too enjoy the many comic episodes of this show, with each and every episode bring more and more crazy and yet hilarious stunts and events. This show revolves around two animals named ‘Tom the Cat’ and ‘Jerry the Mouse’, where Tom is constantly after Jerry’s life and although the two can never quite get rid of each other they still seem to have fun and share a special bond of kinship that entices both the young and old audiences.

These are a couple of the most famous cartoons to ever be aired internationally on TV, but these are a couple that deserved due notice as they have been the most influential cartoons in many lives and are hence been given the opportunity to be mentioned.


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