This is why you need to clean your room immediately!

This article has been inspired by my slob-mates and it’s time we all, at long last address this situation. Who is right? You who claim that you are much better off in your messy kingdom or your friend who makes your room the ‘behind’ off every joke?

Believe it or not, there have been actual studies done to analyse this setting. Researchers made a group of subjects answer a questionnaire’s, some in a messy room and others in a neat room. It was seen that while the neat room produced more effective results and were more productive, the people in the messy room were seen to be more creative.


Forget about reasons or excuses resembling to ‘I know where everything is’, ‘it’s only going to get dirty again’ or even ‘No one will ever rob me.’ (though that may be true, others would need a map to navigate through your mess without you) A clean room can help you become more productive in your work. The experiment showed that living in a clean and ordered environment brought out more productive results and healthier eating habits in the individuals than the ones in the messy rooms! They had a tendency to follow the more traditional ways. To do what was expected of them.

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What does this mean to the everyday school going or college kids living in hostels? If it is creativity that you are looking for then your messy room will add more insight into your creativity. So if you are planning on starting your next big novel then your disorderly room may just provide you with the inspiration you need. It is seen to be able to help you break barriers and accept new and novel ideas.

But, if it is completing your homework and trying to study your main objectivity like most of the students then you may want to start cleaning your place up.

Leah Liz Jacob


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