Sausage Party: A Different Take on Animated Movies …

Cute, funny and adorable animated movies have always been in theaters. The audience that these movies draw in are mostly all children with an exception of a few adults. We rarely see a frenzy caused by an animated movie in the older crowds unless they are remakes of classic movies like we saw in “Finding Dory”.

Every animated movie has innocence in it, moral and bright cheery lively characters. Sausage party has been bold enough to take a step in the other direction which is likely to attract an adult audience rather than children. All that we know of the movie is what we have been shown in the trailer and is just enough to excite the people about this new concept.
The trailer introduces the movie from the perspective of the grocery items in the shops and how they long to be chosen and be taken home, only to discover that the ending isn’t so happy after all. The trailer has comedic puns from the beginning but in an innocent manner but the movie takes a turn when the food items discover the ugly truth.

The trailer from that point on starts with its hilarious comedy, use of inappropriate language, curse words and references to drugs and alcohol. The characters look so adorable that people could not expect the change on tone and this change is definitely not meant for young children unless you really want to make them aware of everything adult in a fun manner.

The movie is much awaited and seem exciting just from the look of it. The audience has no idea what ending might be but it looks it is going to be self realization journey for the characters while keeping intact the uniqueness of the concept of combining the art of animation with regular adult conversations.



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