Speeches by Celebrities You Need to Hear!!!

We have a distinct image of celebrities being particularly elitist and profoundly dumb and to be fair most of the time, they do not disprove our point.

They’re not all bad though, there are celebrities that are insanely smart and intelligent that they would say something and you could think about it for days and days. People like Ashton Kutcher is immensely intellectual despite playing characters that lack intelligence throughout his career with some exceptions. Here are 5 celebrity speeches you need to watch!

5. Hank Azaria, TUFTS:


Perhaps, best known as a core voice actor for The Simpsons, Azaria addressed Tufts University with his life story. Being in the comedy industry, most of the speech was funny and witty. To top that off, he ended the speech by going into his Simpsons voices while addressing the large crowd.

4. Stephen Colbert, North-Western University:

Stephen Colbert is a late night talk show host, who succeeded David Letterman last year. His speech was as expected, filled with sarcasm, he also talked about the important element of not getting caught up with work and enjoying life and caring for others. A heart-touching speech all in all.

3. Steve Jobs, Stanford University:

This man needs no introduction, so I’ll skip that part. A truly inspiring speech, a cautionary and melancholy tone he brought to the podium but yet a very hopeful and strengthening feeling at the end of the speech.

2. Jay Leno, Emerson College

Jay Leno is one of the all-time great late night talk-show hosts and stand-up comedians gives the college 20 tips and secrets of show business. A beautiful speech that talks about the industry and his life.

  1. Jim Carey, Maharishi University of Management:

This speech took me by surprise. For a slapstick comic, this speech was intense; it is so deep and intricately woven. He talks about the sub-conscious and how it affects your life. This speech is simply marvelous.

– Ian Lobo


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