The 21st Century Teen Attention Deficient?

Mean Girls is a movie based on the stereotype of a Teen

It appears that today’s Teen get excited about literally everything and anything, and you won’t be disagreeing with this notion as well. And there are numerous examples to prove this.

1) USA’s verdict on same sex marriage: No doubt that this was a huge breakthrough for the United States. And that we all respect the verdict. But as all across the world people showed their appreciation in deliberations, discussions and thought here in the subcontinent we had the teens going crazy on social media as if India found a solution to end corruption.

2) 2014 FIFA World Cup: As exciting as the world cup is, it’s evident that once in four years a lot of people who couldn’t spell “FOOTBALL” the previous night turn into hardcore fanatics of the game. I bet you all remember the Brazil-Germany game in which we saw adult content. Well, when the match ended in a whopping 7-1 favoring Germany a lot of “fans” put up an arsenal of posts on social media, giving out their tactical and game analysis as to why the absence of Neymar and Silva cost Brazil the game. And of course months after the Finals they came back to Earth.

3)Let’s change our DP’s: Yes, it’s true the teenagers are a great supporter of anything that is good. They showcase it by changing their DP’s. Ask them anything about the incident and you will see series of blinks, ask them if they support the movement and they will say yes without a blink of an eye.
These are just half a handful of the real list. It appears that the teenagers of the 21st century are attention seeking and nothing else.

-Demetrius Jacob


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