The Glamorous Gigi Hadid knows how to shut up body shamers!

The Victoria secret model slammed her body shamers in a lengthy instagram post nearly one year back when she was criticised over her weight and attempts to be a model. The confident and popular model is only 21 years old and inspiring the younger generation not to become prey to body shamers.

The star daughter of Yolanda Hadid had always been expected to have a popular and famous life due to the limelight exposure from a very young age but the young model has reached the level of popularity because of her own hard work and dedication and does not spare back when the negativity rises against her. Gigi hadid has been criticised over the years for achieving her mark in the modelling industry due to her family background and already news worthy love life. The beautiful woman now had reached a new level appreciation of the public when she spoke out about the body shamers across the world and how she was a prey of their negativity. The model took to Instagram and used her voice to help the ones who look up to her by sending a message about how to avoid feeling low because of things that the other people in the world have to say. The body shamers hide behind the computer screen or are blatant bullies that make the living of a person slightly different than them difficult to deal with. The model shows now appears on covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair speaking about the difficulties of being a chubby child.

The model respects the people in the way that they are and encourages people to follow their dreams as she followed hers and has reached the level of career achievements in the field of modelling. As a small girl trying to model she was made fun of and commented on in negative ways to mock the appearance of her body since it wasn’t the exact copy as the body a typical model with clear skin and lean figure. The celebrity now empowers children, girls and women in all aspects of life to steer away from all the hate that body shamers give even if it bothers them on a small scale mentally.

She acknowledges the condition of the society and is happy that she could help the people in need of guidance and self-confidence with her stand for herself during the path of finding herself. The power that she has is properly used and the model is proud of her actions to get her to the peak of her career.



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