The only place: Satisfying our appetite since 1960.

The Only Place: So if you’re a Bangalorean, the name of this restaurant should not be new to you and you should have gone here at least once because this restaurants legacy is as iconic as the city of Bangalore itself. Opened in the last 1960’s, it was a haunt for college students and anyone who wanted good American-Continental food. Now almost 50 years since its opening, it still remains one of the most popular continental restaurants in the city and unfortunately one of the most expensive as well.

Now like with all good things the only place comes with a little bit of controversy. When the owner of the restaurant died about 5 years ago, there was a split between the ownership and it is still dispute that is to be settled in court by the end of this year. I will be reviewing the restaurant in Indiranagar that took the staff from the original restaurant.

Now make no mistake that the only place is an expensive restaurant and it is no more a place for college students on a budget, if you’re having a good meal there it could come no less than 500/- per person. An iconic design is the beautiful red and white checked tablecloths.  Although when it comes to the food it is absolute perfection, their beef burgers and their chicken and lamb steaks are iconic dishes there and make you want more and feel like you’re going to pop open from eating so much at the same time.  A fairly underrated dish is the cheesy fries, which is priced steeply at 230/-  but is worth every paisa.

Lunch or dinner at the only place is an experience that everyone sorely needs and trust me after you walk out of that place, you’ll be happy for the next 6 hours for absolutely no reason but that you stuffed your stomach to your hearts content.

– Ian Lobo


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