The Past, Present and FUTURE of Fashion

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If there is one thing we can depend on fashion for it is the fact that it would change. From the 1960’s to the present day fashion we have seen a multitude of difference in it.

Before we get to what the future has for us, let’s take a quick recap over the past trends. The 60’s brought on the bell-bottoms, which MJ trumped with his parachute pants. What makes into fashion? That’s a crucial question.

To be noticed or stay ahead of the game it is crucial to have a unique style. That is what most celebrities do. When some fashion style gets monotonous they bring in something new which may sometimes be even something quite drastic compared to normal standards! After all, why do you think the Kardashian-Jenner clan are so popular? That’s right, it’s their unique fashion styles and the shared ability among the sisters to break the internet.

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It is the human fault that we look upon celebrities as role models, a title perhaps not worthy of them. The clothes you wear create a judgement for you, sometimes even harshly. Fashion is basically your clothing style which can also include your grooming habits, your shoes, your accessories etc.

The changing fashion trends also is a reflection of the changing society. It shows how it has advanced and evolved. As far as the future matters the possibilities are huge! Emma Watson had recently showed up for a red carpet event in a recycled dress (and looked stunning in it!)

Maybe in 10 years we can finally say goodbye to furs, plastics and all the other harmful products used while creating these beautiful outfits. Someone could hopefully even come up with a dress that changes itself every day. Now how convenient would that be?

-Leah Liz Jacob


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