The Picture That is Trending World Wide!!!!

The war in Syria grows progressively worse and as usual the mainstream media continues to ignore it until something like this happens. The photograph above shows a Syrian boy identified as Omran Daqneesh who was rescued after an airstrike in Aleppo, Syria.

image courtesy: IBM Times
image courtesy: IBM Times

The video shows this boy extremely quiet among all the chaos around him being lifted out of the building and being put in an ambulance. He doesn’t scream nor does he cry, he simply wipes the blood off his face, looks at it and rubs it on the seat.  He just stares on into the cameras, little does he know we are staring back at him, the world is staring into the dark souls of the media that refuses to cover this part of the war for their own propagandistic need.

Last year, we saw the horrific photograph of a Syrian toddler (Aylan Kurdi) whose body was found on the shores of Turkey, which influenced the start of a conversation of helping the refugees but that died down. With this new picture, it has started a new conversation, a much more explicit one of helping these refugees and I hope that this is one conversation that will not die down.

There are thousands of children like Omran in Aleppo, ones who can’t shake the world with their pictures taken, ones that have died on impact of airstrikes. If this were a European country there would be armies after armies risking their lives in humanitarian efforts instead of dropping bombs from above.

After studying this situation and looking at all the elements in Syria, there’s not much you can compare it to, other than the genocide in World War II. Silence is not an answer here we need to stand up and help these people even if it starts with something as small as a conversation.

You can watch the video here


– Ian Lobo


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