The Selena Gomez Revival Tour…

The woman has had one heck of a journey from the Disney days to the most popular pop-music icon of the decade. As one of the most influential celebrity, Selena Gomez is at the peak of her career so far with hit albums, highest following person on Instagram and straight out role model for majority of the teenagers. The child actor has seen success and failure at an early age to anticipate her moves and cope with the industry in which she works. Selena Gomez has shown the world that she is talented since day one and her multi career path is a proof of that. The famous celebrity works hard and remains ever so faithful to her fans. The most recent album “revival” has led to one of her biggest tours yet all over the world. The revival tour features all hit songs like “Revival” “come and get it” “who says” “good for you” “kill em with kindness” and many more. The tour started on May 6th in Las Vegas and ends on December 18th in Guadalajara in Mexico. The tour takes place in Vancouver, Seattle, London, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Prague, Argentina, Brazil, Dubai and many other places in number of cities.

The journey of the star has been emotional and inspiring to many and the tour shows us just how much her fans are truly dedicated to her. Gomez cares for her fans the same way that they do and the meet & greets sections of the tour show us how much the pop-singer is empowered by her fans. Time and again we have seen Selena Gomez gush about the support of her fans and this time it can be seen that real force behind her success are her fans and the immense hard work of Selena Gomez and her team.



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