The Truth Behind American Oil Interests

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Now before any American or NRI goes nuts with this article, I have to say I have met a few American both here in India and abroad, they are good, caring genuine people. Unfortunately, a small part of the American government is absolutely insane with their greed of oil and money.  There are facts that have come out with the whole Middle East crisis since America got involved in 2002.

There were absolutely no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the people did not need liberating and the same people did not require to be liberated in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, etc. It was for the oil and it was always for the oil. You should know that the horrible state that they left Iraq in was the direct cause of ISIS. The Islamic State looks at the US and sees horrible monsters that come and randomly kill women and children on the street take away their livelihood and destroy their country. They are not wrong. This is what happened.

Due to recklessness of the generals, colonels, and direct military heads, the soldiers having to kill innocent people on the street because of an order from the top returned from the Middle East having PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other psychological problems.

Lets be clear that America’s largest form of revenue is the weapons industries and there have been theories, which say that America has directly contributed to supplying arms to groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. They have also overthrown governments like the Libyan government where Gaddafi who was a good leader that gave his people various amenities. He was killed by the American for the namesake of ‘’liberating the people’’, but the reason was because Gaddafi wanted to created a golden dinar which would have been a universal currency that would have overthrown the dollar and pound in due course of time.

The issue of the West’s oil interests needs to be addressed at a global level in order stop the massacre of innocent lives and if we don’t even we could be next.

– Ian Lobo


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