The wonders of fashion!

Curious thing fashion is, it changes based on no particular rule or pattern. People suddenly start calling things trendy and it becomes the fashion of an era. It never remains constant and changes most frequently than the climate of a place. Speaking of which fashion has nothing to do with climate or any logical reason, it just does. To keep up the changing fashion is a task which seems very problematic for some while it is a passion for others. Some consider their style a fashion statement while some just want get through without being made fun of. Either way people do think a lot about them, what they want to wear, what the world is wearing and the current trends are.

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In the 60s if the trend was bell bottoms, miniskirts, T-shirts with messages, pale lipstick and dark eyeliner, longer hair for men and women. In the 70s they were the western boots, lots of lip gloss and blush, T-shirts with logos, denim denim denim, legwarmers and pantsuits. The 80s were all about the frills on collars and hems, bright vests and shirts for men, “power suits” with big shoulder pads, fingerless lace gloves, long fake-pearl necklaces, bangle bracelets, tunics over leggings and big hair with lots of mousse. The 90s showed us designer athletic shoes, designer sneakers, puffy jackets, chain wallets, baggy pants, coloured hair, bare midriffs and hooded sweatshirts.

We see time and again that the game changes and fashion designers come up with styles that are unique and never seen before. Some of the styles that strike the eye becomes an instant hit and an entire decade of people are seen wearing it as a fashion statement. Fashion gives a sense of power to some, hobby to others and means a deal of manner to few more. In every aspect fashion plays an important role in everyone’s life.

The world is captivated by clothes and other accessories, its glam and dazzle, the way it looks and how the people are appreciated. It defines beauty in a new way and gives hope for people to get creative with style to express themselves.


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