These Tricks By Advertisers Will Blow You Away !!!

These tricks by advertisers will blow you away!

1) Antacids make soft drinks fizzy


Always admired that soft drink ad for the manner in which it was poured?
The froth and the bubbles rising up in the most eye catching way is beautiful
And all credit goes to antacids!

2) Cotton generated steam


That steaming food in the ad you saw this morning? Courtesy of wet cotton being burned!
Wet cotton is heated and kept behind the dish, strategically.

3) Marsh Potatoes in Ice Cream Cones


Since ice cream will not with stand the heat of the day for too long and will most
Likely melt at the sight of camera lights, the alternative is marsh potatoes

4) Motor Oil with that pancake, Sir?


Advertisers do not prefer honey or maple syrup as the pancakes will get
Soaked. Instead they use motor oil. Now let that slide down your throat.

5) Soap water for fresher milk


So this is not entirely soap water. Soap water is added to a glass of milk

To make it look fresher. Well might make your clothes white too

-Demetrius Jacob


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