These yummy street food places in Bangalore will blow your mind!

Healthy food is always good for your health, but can you eat all round the year healthy? There may be many people who might actually do it. But there are many people who just cannot survive without eating street food at least once a week. And for people who live away from their home, street food is there only source for survival. Hostel students are the main customers of street food as it’s cheap and tasty. Now here are the 5 street food places in Bangalore for those who just can’t resist their love for  food.

  1. V V Puram Food Street.

From hot and crispy Masala Dosa’s to the Pav Bajji stall, there is everything on this food street that would leave your mouth watering. And when you are there you just can’t miss the Rose Gulkand Enhanced with Honey and White Butter. The food you get here is really cheap, and there are various stalls like sweet corn stall, Manchurian stall and many more.

  1. Hari Super Sandwich.

From the name you can understand that this place is famous for sandwiches and they serve hundred types of sandwiches. But the most famous of all is the chocolate sandwich which has made his place on the top list of sandwich lovers. The food here is mind blowing but not the prices, the prices are very reasonable. Nearby there is even a lassi corner which serves you lassi after you have enjoyed your sandwich.

  1. Central Tiffin Room.

This food place located at Margosa Road, Malleswaram serves ultimately tasty Butter Masala Dosa for over 6 decades and this is the heaven for dosa lovers. Tiffin room is one of the best places for the best street food. Apart from serving a variety of delicious dosas they also serve kesribath, poori sagu and idly too.
– Nithin Thomas.


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