Things Our Favorite Disney Shows Taught us…

Unlike the shows now where most of us have no clue what’s going on anymore there are a few shoes that created a huge impact on us. Be it their quirkiness, their magic or even sometimes how close to home it got for us.

  1. Hannah Montana
    This show still has a cult status. Really it is her transition from country girl Miley to the Miley Cyrus the entire world knows now that took everyone by shock. Even with the fact that she was a part time rock-star, she was still a relatable high school girl.
  1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
    There was never a time when these blonde twins failed to make us laugh. Also a show in which there was a smart blonde and a dumb Asian. Way to go and break stereotypes! You go Disney! You the man!
  1. Wizards of Waverly Place
    Were we ever so young? Just how tiny was Selena then? Look where she is now? Time sure flies huh? It didn’t matter that they were witches and wizards. Family bonds and friendships are something anyone can understand. There’s a little magic in that too.
  1. Sonny with A Chance
    Look at where all these Disney stars are now! Our girl Demi is busy belting out her powerful vocals but there was a time when she was just a small town girl with big dreams. Really if there is anything that Disney has taught us, it is to follow our dreams and believe in happy endings.
  1. That’s So Raven
    Perhaps not as popular as its counterparts but is definitely the best show Disney has ever put up. While we have the usual glitz and glam, raven is so refreshingly unlike her other TV stars. She appears more real and relatable. (ignore the hocus pocus involved people)

Conclusion? Believe we just had the best shows to grow up to.  What say?

Leah Liz Jacob


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