Has Today’s Generation Become too Shallow?


What does it mean to be shallow? Many people believe it pertains to not being fully honest or not giving your 100% in things. The truth of the matter is that to be shallow is to only be concerned of face value, for example you may be called shallow of you are only concerned about physical qualities or looks; OR you may be considered shallow if your only value is money for expenditure. Shallow people are a pain in society as they have the ability to manipulate others into accepting the same beliefs they have, or out casting individuals from within a group of friends due to the qualities they are deficient of that a shallow person deems necessary.

Lately it seems that a majority of individuals today are either already shallow or becoming so, as the biggest trends now a days is physical appearance and the ability to spend money to either enhance  their appearance or to buy off people for friendship. In schools and high schools children are concerned with what toys or gadgets they have or do not have, they consider have a certain toy or gadget makes them better and to not have any of these would mean they are social outcasts. In colleges people are concerned with appearances and less about studies, in college your judged by the vehicle you is to travel by, the clothes you wear, the friends you have, your looks (hairstyles,beards, physique, etc.). In college your also deemed cool for stupid reasons such as skipping classes or the fun you make in class even if it results in getting in the black books of teachers and staff.

People are shallow even in work environments, although they call themselves adults and say that they aren’t concerned about such trivial things these individuals can be shallow as well. Examples of this kind of shallowness can be observed when friend circles fall apart through disputes of job status or marital status and even earning capabilities.

The worst case of this generations shallow behaviour can be witnessed within the younger people, the people who fall under this category have lost all sight of what true friendship is about and only consider appearances as a qualifying factor for friendship. These same people create problems for themselves and their families, it is due to their shallow personality that they end up being alone losing all friends as well as the trust of their families, these same people cannot be seen as getting far in life as they would surely ruin their professional relationship as well.

So for all those who are reading this and who feel like you have been shallow at times or feel like you are becoming shallow, think it’s time to rethink your attitude and behavior to others?

Damien N. Sangma


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