Tourist spots in Bangalore that will never cease to amaze us!

When you get an unexpected holiday and don’t know what to do with it, you most likely turn to Google for guidance. Google sure has a lot of suggestions for you. It is where you will see two of Bangalore’s favourite tourist spots that we’ll be reviewing here.

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

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For the minority who have never heard of this “The Red Garden” is a well-known botanical garden situated in Mavali, which is in Southern Bangalore. It has an expanse over 188 acres! So brace yourself for an extremely long walk. It would be extremely nice if you visit the place with someone who knows their plants to keep things lively. Otherwise it could get a tad bit tedious and boring.

The place is famous for its famous flower shows happening twice a year, 26th January and 15th August that is hosted in the glass house (Yep there’s one coming up soon!)

The place also holds “the peninsular gneiss” formation. A 3000-million-year old rock formation! Another main tourist attraction here.

Cubbon Park

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It is a landmark area in Bangalore lying right at the heart of the city. This park is lush with greenery and also has many other attractions for tourists such as the Central Library that is placed inside the park as well as the museums, (The science museum is one you should definitely visit) and the aquarium which is worth a visit (for once.)

Both these places are beautiful on their own right and we can see why they made it to the top tourist spots in Bangalore. But there are also the certain cons to these areas, such as the poor hygiene conditions seen at both the gardens. Especially Lal Bagh, where an effort to clean and beautify the place is made only for the two flower shows each year. The rest of the time the lace is a, for lack of better words, a dumb.

It seems like such a waste to neglect these concerns. Perhaps once it gets fixed to its full splendour, we could distract the love struck couples to understand why Bangalore is called the “Garden City.”

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