Trump’s plagiarism that put the world in shock!

The recent United States presidential elections have caused so much commotion in the news already because of the candidates and their questioned capabilities to govern the nation. The most controversial and blatantly one of the most hated candidates, Donald Trump, has yet again come up on the news with a different offense. No folks, this time it isn’t his disrespect towards any race nor is it about his alleged patriotism links with Hitler but now it’s about his dearly beloved trophy wife Melania Trump who left the world in shock and laughter with her speech at the Republican National Convention. Now the speech was marvelous and very inspiring to a lot of lives in the world but the problem was that the world had heard the exact same thing before with more passion and of course, without any plagiarism. In 2008 the first lady of The United States had won millions of hearts with her warm and kind words at the Democratic National Convention and nobody ever thought that we would hear those same words again, wait a minute, oh its Trump we have to expect the unexpected.

It’s absolutely mind boggling that Melania Trump could say the exact same words with a straight face. There is a good chance that the poor woman wasn’t even aware of the fact that she was using Michelle Obama’s speech and no one can blame her for that. What should be noted is the reaction of the people at the convention, and I’m not mentioning the audience but the veterans, was almost as though they really felt for her words and they too did not seem to realize the plagiarism.
The writers would have had a lot of explaining on their hands but more importantly what the world should get from this is that the lady truly did not mean anything that she said. It was the passion and dedication in the speech that was stolen to impress the audience. Not much can be expected from the new campaign candidate or his family, who clearly see this opportunity to gain wealth and power and have no intention for the nation.



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