Want to be a star? Here’s what you’re missing out on!

Every single person has an idea in their mind about what they want in life. While many may not have a clear idea, some do and those are the people plan out their activities ad actions in life in such a way that they achieve their goal. The aim in each mind is different in different degrees and it defines the efforts of the people. A path less likely chosen by most of the people is the path of acting and making a mark in the entertainment industry. The thought of being under the limelight and having your own identification is a layer of mist that rapidly shuts you away from reality.

It isn’t impossible to reach the mark of a great actor or actress but to do so, a person needs to break-free from the clutches of the temptation of being a star and focus on their work instead of dreaming of the glory days. Many people go on this hunt to find their spot in the limelight of the industry and focus all their attention on the path of fame. Meanwhile, they give up on many opportunities that pass their way and fall down in their own eyes. A person in search of stardom may have given up on family and taken small jobs just in the hope of becoming the star of his dreams.

Thousands of people choose to struggle and live a life of suffering to attain such stardom based on their hard-work. They don’t realize that if they saw their opportunities clearly they could live their life in happiness. People lose the chance of finding their beloved, taking care of family, supporting their parents and creating a life of joy. The talents of these people drown in the gutter and they are left with the feeling of despair and melancholy. A chase for stardom is not wrong but one must realize whether it’s worth giving up the hopes of your loved ones when you find yourself in a struggle.


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