When Bollywood talent invades Hollywood!

Talent is appreciated and welcomed everywhere, in every city and every industry. Time and again we have seen the talented celebrities establish their names in more than one industry and are welcomed in the new places, not to mention they also enhance the pride of the industry where they originate from. In recent days we find that actors and actresses join hands and work in movies of different regions. The most recent crossover that we have seen is that of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. The talented actresses have made their names in Bollywood as the best actresses of Bollywood in recent times and now they have made India proud by entering Hollywood.

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Hollywood is not a new place for Priyanka Chopra. The talented and gorgeous actress has released her own music singles featuring some of the most famous pop-stars of Hollywood and is the lead character in a show named “Quantico” which airs on the ABC network. Her show has been signed for a second season on the network along with which she also has a part in the latest Baywatch movie still in the making next to great Hollywood actors Dwayne Johnson from the” Fast and the Furious”, Zack Efron from “High School Musical” trilogy and Alexandra Daddario from the  “Percy Jackson” movies.

Although unlike the more experienced actress mentioned above, Deepika PAdukone has a newer take on the life as a Hollywood star. The actress has received many appreciations for her acting in past few years and now has made a milestone in her career by taking on a role in the movie “XXX return of Xander cage “ starring Vin Diesel from “ the and the furious” , Nina Dobrev from the “vampire diaries” and Samuel.L.Jackson from “Kingsmen” . This stepping stone in her career means a great deal of pride and respect for the bollywood industry.

A notable mention of Aishwariya Rai Bachchan is required as she presented Bollywood years before with appearances in movies like “Pink Panther 2” and “ Bride and Prejudice” and still continues to do till date. Although we have seen men from Bollywood like Irfan Khan in “Life of Pi” and “Jurassic World” & Anil Kapoor in “Mission impossible” and “ slum dog millionaire”  perform in the Hollywood, the rise of women in this crossover is a very special action as the empowerment for women increases in our country.


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