Extinction: An Issue?

Extinction an Issue?

We describe extinction as the process of eliminating a complete race of organisms due to many factors. De-extinction, or resurrection biology, is the process of recreating an organism that has been extinct for a while. Most of us are familiar with the concept of de-extinction, if not the term, courtesy to Jurassic Park. However, unlike in the movies, the result of de-extinction is not a clone of the extinct animal, but a hybrid.

We humans have contributed our fair share towards the erasing of quite a few animals, but whether we should really go to the extremes of bringing them back is a question that still remains without an answer. What effect would bringing back an extinct species have on our environment? Even animals as small as the rats that fed on the eggs of dodo birds can have profound effects on the existence of a different species. Imagine what an entirely new species could do.

Keeping ethics, morals and nature in mind, even though new scientific breakthroughs and discoveries and things to pride ourselves on, we must consider limiting the extent to which we encourage such advancements in molecular biology. We leave the question for you to figure out.- Narita D’mello


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